Kate vs. Princess Diana fashion

28 Apr


Who is Kate Middleton ?

28 Apr

Tommorow is the big day! yes it is for Kate Middleton and Prince William. all the eyes will be towards great Britian to watch the phenomenal wedding of the prince and the princess.

But who is kate Middleton and how did she met the prince ?

Kate miidleton- January,9th,1982 – England.
Kate spent two years of her life in Jordan as her father was working there in the British airways.

In the right: Kate as a child with her father and sister in Jarash-Jordan

In the left: Kate with her parents.


Prince william and Kate met while both were studying art history at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. And they became closer when they share housing with other students.

It was like this before 30 years..

How it will be tommorow ? 😀

Italian Song <3

27 Apr

This is one of my fav Italian songs, the translated lyrics are bellow in order to understand what he is talking about 😀

Accept me like this
Please don’t look
In my head there is
a world you must ignore
I want you to be
my discreet accomplice
accept me and you will be
my silk doll.
Accept me and you’ll see
we’ll go till the end
don’t think about what’s right
and about what is changing
We’ll go to the North Pole
or to the South if you want
Please accept me
tell me that you can do it/you’re able to do it.
I’ve never said
that I am perfect
and then I’m the one helping you discover
my every fault
If you find even more (faults)
it’s still ok
It’s enough to stay
still together like this.
I love, I love
It’s something moving
up and down my stomach
colder than snow
I love I love
it’s like the hole of a doughnut
your ephemeral sweetness
makes you so beautiful.
Accept me and you’ll see
we’ll grow together
some meters taller
we’ll touch the sky
taller than giants
stronger than godzilla
we’ll take a cruise
on a ship all yellow.
We’ll go to an island
that seems to be painted
with big colors
and a beautiful sea
As far as I’m concerned
I’ve already booked the ticket
Please don’t leave it
Beside a dream, inside a drawer.
I love I love
it’s something special
up and down my stomach
it’s like a storm
I love I love
it’s like ketchup on top of the pasta
until it’s finished
I’ll never be able to say it’s enough.
I love I love
it’s a gift of nature
because our story
it’s not just an affair.
I love I love
it’s a simple song
that helps me tell you
you’re one in a million.

Movie Review: Source code

27 Apr


Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Sci-Fi

Runtime: 93 min

Stars : Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan and Vera Farmiga

I give this movie  6.5/10

Ok, everyone told me that this movie is AMAZING and I should watch it! but honestly, I didn’t find it that much amazing, it was fine !

The story basically happened in Chicago and most of the shots were inside a train! actually there are a repeating shots ! I didn’t feel that the director or the actors did a lot of work when filming it except the main character Jake Gyllenhaal who was a good choice in this movie 🙂

I don’t deny that there is a lot of mysterious points in the story but it is not bad that much. I feel that it is good for a book more than a movie..

My experience with Zumba in Kuwait !

27 Apr


Last week I joined one of the Zumba classes in Kuwait and my experience was just FANTASTIC.

For some of you who don’t know what is Zumba I quoted this definition for you

Zumba is a dance fitness program created by a dancer in Columbia during the 1990s. The program combines international music with dance in an effort to make exercise fun. The traditional Zumba class including basic rhythms like merengue, salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, belly dance, flamenco, tango, samba.” wikipedia

I usually feel boring during the regular fitness classes but this time I had a lot of fun plus the music was super awesome! simply we were just dancing a latin type of dances that I never tried before 😀

The class was inside the Women Social & Cultural society in Khaldiya, and the instructor Rana was so friendly I really like her and am planning to join more and more Zumba classes soon 😀 and btw it is just for girls :p

Check the website: http://www.ranafit.com

Young Chefs academy in Kuwait

27 Apr

64421Now, There’s a cooking school for kids in Kuwait !

Young Chefs Academy, is a cooking school lunched in Discovery Mall – Kuwait and it provides cooking lessons for kids.

I like the idea so much and it is good experience for kids specially young girls they will learn a lot ^_^

The above picture is from their branch in the states i guess, but seriously when I saw the pictures, I wished if I am a kid to join them 😀

for more details you can check their Facebook Page or Website and let the Fun starts !

The Old Kuwaiti Anthem

27 Apr

It was really cool to find the old Kuwaiti Anthem in Youtube, I Just felt it was GREAT and the lyrics were great too! Enjoy 😉


What do you think ?!