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>Women and tough jobs !

29 Jul


Yesterday, I was invited to a public talking competition, the woman was one of the important topics that they discussed. They talked about Kuwaiti women and if they are capable to work in fields as a fire fighter or a cop.
Before few days , I read in the paper that some women cops faced some problems with public specially guys, while they were doing their job in the some malls. I think there are some problems with the society to accept this new idea. it is not because women are unable to be in this position, it is only because the society still didn’t accept this new thing. In my opinion, it just needs time.
In the old days, before even the discovery of oil in Kuwait. It was really hard for any woman to be an employee or to have a a job, but by time ,people became more open, and as you see now most of the women have a jobs with high education levels .
If we take US as an example, you can notice that before 20 years maybe it was a joke to say that a woman will be a candidate for the president position. But now, the things changed because the American society realized that woman can do it and she is qualified enough to get that position as much as the man..
For me, I believe that if the woman want something, she can do it no matter what the difficulties are. Not because she is a woman she can’t do it, and because he is a man he can. It only depends on individuals, and nothing to do with the sex.
From all what I said before , you can understand that it is again a matter of time and I am sure that the Kuwaiti society will be pleased to deal with a policewoman one day..


>Why we can’t sleep when we use the laptop at night?

15 Jul


Did u ask yourself one day, why u can’t sleep easily after using ur laptop in the evening ? and it happens a lot that some people stay in front of the lab until the sun appears in the sky ?

I read an article before few days about this topic and I felt that is really interesting to know the reason. It says that the white light of ur laptop is working against ur biological clock , the white light is good during the day but when u use ur laptop with this bright light at night something wrong gonna be happen in ur biological clock and will keep u awake until the morning !

To solve the problem there is a nice software called F.lux , it fixes the problem by controlling the brightness of light in ur laptop according to ur local time, during the day the light will be normal then the brightness will decrease gradually as the sun started to set.

I tried it and it is nice, I feel it is good for the eyes too ;D
u can download it from here and give it a try! it is for free..
I hope u enjoyed my post ^.^

>Can we make a change?

15 Jul


Yesterday, I was chatting with my class mate, I told her: ” Well I know that you are shy and you have a phobia from the stage” and really she is, I asked her if she want to change herself and break the lines that stop her from going forward, she answered :“No, I don’t want, I don’t care about what gonna happen in the future I just want to pass my current presentations in college”. well, to be honest I didn’t like what she said, I think each one of us have to change himself to be a better person cuz other than that for me the life will be boring .

Changing something in your personality is really tough, it needs a lot of work and a strong well. I just wondering why it is easy for people to be changed to be bad while it is hard for them to be good ones? since I dunno the answer right now , the question will be open until the upcoming posts.

The funnest thing in my friend’s story is that she kept saying “I have a phobia, the stage scares me and I can’t stand in front of people and talk while they are staring at me” then when I told her that her answer really shocked me, she commented “What can I do ? I can’t change myself” ;D

Persons like my friend have to think twice and more about their decision to keep themselves as they are, Humans have to change to be better .. and there is nothing that can not be changed..! ^.^

>The first step

15 Jul


As u see this is my first post in this blog, I don’t know really what should I talk about in my first entry but all what I have is my wishes that my blog and my thoughts deserve to be read . I think I have to talk about myself lil bit am I ? OKAY, am “Immortalita” I live in Kuwait and I am an undergraduate student.

What else ? emmm.. yeah, my favorite color is pink and my favorite drink is Orange juice! I love Italian and Mexican food .. I have a huge library of books I like buying books so much but I don’t have enough time to read ’em all, college books are my daily nightmare and I hate ’em :p I love learning new languages and new things luv ppl and trying hard to be perfect, nobody really can be perfect in everything but I am still trying to be perfect in things that I really like, I love the quote that says that ” There is nobody perfect, and because I am nobody, I am perfect!!” it is really tells a lot if u think about this quote seriously. I started to learn playing guitar playing with it is really amazing.. I I I, I said ”I” too much ;p well it’s fine this is my first entry ;x

What I hate ? emm let’s see , I hate people who are selfish and just love themselves, and people who wear a beautiful masks to show u how kind they are but the truth is that they are evils from inside.

That’s it see u next time ^^