>The Vampire Diaries

12 Sep


An amazing series called ” The vampire diaries” is a must for all vampires lovers, it is thriller with romance touches, this series are based on a series of books for L. J. Smith .

The story is talking about two vampires brothers a good one and bad one ( well, I don’t feel that he is bad but the series is trying to show us that) and both of them love a vampire girl called Cathrine she turned both of them into vampires before maybe 100 years (not sure) and then she disappeared, the good vampire his name is Stefan loved her and she loved him but in the same time she was playing on the two brothers ,therefore, Damon (the bad one) hated his brother and tried to kill him because Cathrin loved his brother and cared about him more , then after 100 years or something ( still not sure) after the disappearance of Cathrin, Stefan found a human girl her name is Elena and she is photo copy of Cathrin , she loved h him but Damon was there ! Elena didn’t like Damon but in the last series of the first season Damon became a good guy .. 
This was the first season, last Thursday was the release of the first episode of season 2 in USA and it was awesome , u really have to see it if u like this type of stories, and also u can read the books if u like reading more, I found the books in Jareer bookstore in Kuwait but I didn’t bought any because i didn’t know the book which match the first season of the TV series , I gonna visit the bookstore again and buy it .. xD

To read more about this Tv show u can always visit Wikipedia : The Vampire Diaries
and to read more about the book series u also can find it in Wikipedia xD : The Vampire Diaries novel Series


2 Responses to “>The Vampire Diaries”

  1. كمبيوترجي September 13, 2010 at 6:56 am #

    >Hey :)<<< Certified Vampire FANty sweety :)have nice day 🙂

  2. Immortalita November 4, 2010 at 7:07 pm #

    >thank u ^^

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