>My today’s food picks

15 Oct


Hello sengihnampakgigi
Those are some food picks I love them a lot xD
What is good or bad for diet !!

Fish Steak with cream, shrimps vegetables and mash potato from Ruby Tuesday,It was FANTASTIC !!love
Fish is good, vegetables, shrimps and lil mash potato will not be bad, but the problem is with that delicious white cream, not good at all for DIET sedih

Pinkberry yogurt with all types of berrieskenyit I don’t like to add chocolatetakbole , fruits is better !peace

Strawberry and cream drink from Starbucks
It is new and I give it
starstarstarstarstar 5 stars sengihnampakgigi it is not too sweet nor too sour, its taste is similar to the taste of strawberry ice cream, plus it has less calories ( I think) than the caramel drink that I love siulit’s better to not add cream but I am in love with cream putuscinte

well, that’s for today, wait my next food picks later



2 Responses to “>My today’s food picks”

  1. Q8idesigner October 16, 2010 at 6:03 pm #

    >Allllaah shwgteneeee !!min zimaaan 3an pinkberry .. ! =\3alaich eb 1000 3afya =Dbtw ana m6ayii7 bel strawberry cream 7ada 3jeeb w madri lish 6a3mah ethkrni eb icecream " Bo wajh " elle 3ala mario LOL ! XD a7is nafs 6a3mah .. w a9lan a7la shay el cream ana a7ib aklah awl shay b3den ashrab ;p

  2. Immortalita October 16, 2010 at 6:26 pm #

    >Allah y3afeek ^^La 63ma ythakerni eb ice cream KDD ely ykon cup :DThanks for the comment ^^

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