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>Hidden Kuwait: Tareq Museum

11 Nov

>There are many hidden places in Kuwait that we don’t know about, in fact, foreigners who live or visit Kuwait know those places more than we do because they search for them.. one of these places is Tareq Rajab Museum, the owner of the museum spent 50 years collecting those things as a hobby, and then they opened this museum for public..
well, I was there for academic proposes and I took those pictures, it is not allowed to take pictures there but when I said that I need them for my college they said okay ^^ Full

For more details please visit their website here
and btw it is free of charge

>"The sound of music" Moive

10 Nov


I posted a song from the popular movie the Sound of music before few days, Today I decided to put some photos and more 1 video ^^
well, simply the story of this movie is the same story of the cartoon “la7n el 7yat” Do u remember it ? : D if not, this is its music theme .

I was in love with it ^^
now we will come to the real movie
This picture is for all the 7 kids
And here they are singing their lovely song :D

well, this movie was in 1965, i.e. before 45 years
let’s see the cast after 45 years as they appeared in Oprah show, I love looking to their picture before and after 45 years ^^

The father

The Kids

If u didn’t see the movie yet, I think u should ^^
For more details and for sources check the following
Oprah website

>A 500 years old Mosque

10 Nov


In one of my visits to UAE, we went in a road trip starting from Dubai passing all the Emirates trying to discover hidden areas and do some adventures ;p , we found this old mosque that was built in 1443 B.C in the way between the mountains, we stopped there to walk and take a look and I took those pictures ..

(click the photos to enlarge them)

Some information about the mosque..

I saw this old boat in the place, i liked it ^^

A view of the whole area

The mosque

I can’t believe that this mosque is 500 years old and still working, it is just a miracle ..
well, I went inside it, it was really small and its door is narrow u have to lower ur head to go inside, and its smell really old..

>Video blogging trend

4 Nov


As u know, everything in Kuwait become a trend easily and one of those trends are video blogging or vlogging, I saw many of those videos for American ppl but recently many Kuwaiti guys started to open their own channels on Youtube as a blogs..
Well, it is a nice idea I think, more fun and convenient than reading, u can see the reactions and the emotions of the blogger directly unlike reading, but really I believe that not everyone can be a video blogger!! it needs some personal characteristics and charisma.
well, today I picked 3 videos for 3 Kuwati video bloggers, u may like some and don’t like others, it depends but lets see ^^

I like his videos ^^

He is soo funny 😀

Lady gaga tshirt is cool lol


Okay I know that some ppl hate the person in the third video well it is not the topic, the aim of this post is to show that not every one can be a video blogger and that’s it :)

>One of my fav songs

4 Nov


This song is from ” The sounds of music” movie
I like it so much..

>Today’s awesome weather

3 Nov


Hello friends
I just wanted to talk about the weather today : )
I wake up at 10 am to go to my college, the streets were kinda busy, everyone was out.
When I reach my college I realized that the parking is empty ! most students didn’t attend their classes today lol is it because the weather was nice ?! I don’t know, but usually I spend approximately an hour hunting a parking – believe it or not – but today I found one within 1 minute ;p I was soo happy …

The most thing that I like when I went back home was the rains!! I didn’t believe the view of rains on my car windows, it was awesome,I really missed this weather ^^

>Beach Cleaning Campaign

2 Nov


“Operation Turtle” is a campaign that will be held in 6th Nov 10:30 am at Shuwaikh Beach Park, and it is organized by the Japanese society to clean Kuwait beach, many Japanese and Kuwaiti volunteers will be there ..
well it is nice that the Japanese society care about our beaches more than we do !
those pictures are from a previous campaign

And this is the map for the event :

Go ahead people and save ur environment ^^
Japanese Embassy in Kuwait
Facebook page of the event