>Video blogging trend

4 Nov


As u know, everything in Kuwait become a trend easily and one of those trends are video blogging or vlogging, I saw many of those videos for American ppl but recently many Kuwaiti guys started to open their own channels on Youtube as a blogs..
Well, it is a nice idea I think, more fun and convenient than reading, u can see the reactions and the emotions of the blogger directly unlike reading, but really I believe that not everyone can be a video blogger!! it needs some personal characteristics and charisma.
well, today I picked 3 videos for 3 Kuwati video bloggers, u may like some and don’t like others, it depends but lets see ^^

I like his videos ^^

He is soo funny 😀

Lady gaga tshirt is cool lol


Okay I know that some ppl hate the person in the third video well it is not the topic, the aim of this post is to show that not every one can be a video blogger and that’s it :)

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