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How a gesture can put u in jail?

31 Jan


As we know, there are many differences in cultures around the world, the things that are allowed to do in your country, can be prohibited in other countries takboleand vice versa, the allowance and the prohibition may mainly depends on religious views or even historical events.kenyit

One of the most confusing topics that shows how the differences in cultures may be a problem is “Hand gestures”fikir, it is a problem to the limits that could throw u in Jail !hah So let’s See !! sengihnampakgigi

In the states this sign means I LOVE YOUlove

The other sign that it is slightly similar to this is this one below fikir If you show this sign to someone in USA, he will directly think about “Texas University” since it is the logo of the university and the Texas Longhorn football team and it represent the two horns of the bull. But can you imagine that the same sign is an insult for Mediterranean ! In 1985 five Americans were arrested in Rome because they were dancing and using this gesture, then the news later showed that Longhorn football team won in USA and those Guys were Happyjelir

In South America it means protection against bad luck when rotated but in Malta and parts of italy it means protection against Evil Eyes when they point it.

The other interesting gesture is this one .. In Europe and North America it means OK or excellent While in Arab countries it is a threat signal.

For Mediterranean people, Russians and Brazilians it has bad meaning and considered as an insult.hah

In Japan this gesture means MONEY! if u r doing business in Japan and u show them this sign they will think that u asking them for a bribe jelir

In France and Belgium it means Zero or worthless, so don’t ever do this in restaurants when u go there, they may throw u out because it is really impolite to say that the food is worthless even if u mean it is Good siul

Those are just few but there are a lot more! for farther reading visit Wikipedia siul



>The days of the week

30 Jan

I used to ask myselffikir why we call Thursday with this name? or Why does Monday has this name? or even the rest of the days!? what are the secret behind those names ? Does they have a meaning ! Luckily I found the answer while I was reading a philosophy book! The Answer for all those question is as followssenyum

The days of the week were named after the Norse gods and some giant objects, they derived originally from Greeks and Romans who named their days after their Gods..fikir

So now who are they ?!

Sunday is the sun’s day and because sun gives people the light and the warmth everyday they decided to name this day after it .angel

Monday is the moon’s day, they thought that the moon was important to their life and to the crops so they called the day after it.peace

Tuesday is Tiw day or Tyr‘s day, Tyr is a norse God and he is the God of battle known for his sense of justice.angel

Wednesday is Woden’s day, or Odin‘s day, another Norse God, he is the God of victory and the dead was one of the most powerful of them all, ppl who believed in the Norse Gods used to offer for him a scarified Human !hah

Thursday is named after Thor, a Norse God that had a giant hammer.siul

Friday is Frigg‘s Day. Frigg was a Norse god equal in power to Odinxpasti

Saturday named after Seater or Saturn, a Roman God for agriculture.fikir

Always remember it is just a Mythodology (Not True) babai

>Kuwait Towers.. Our lovely towers ..

27 Jan


Today my post is different, yes it is about Kuwait Towers sengihnampakgigi one of the most famous landmarks in Kuwait, Usually when u see them u know they are talking about Kuwait ! so what is the story behind those Towers and who build them, when and why ? fikir

Honestly I didn’t find enough Information about them but let’s see senyum

Kuwait Towers were designed in 1975 by a Swedish company owned by Sune Lindstrom (1906-1989) -in the photo- and Malen Bojorn a female designer from Denmark helped in designing them.angel
Then the towers were built by Enrigo Project – a company from Belgrade, Serbisiuland here are some photos for them during 1977 .. sengihnampakgigi

After building them they opened to the public in March 1979tepuktangan. and here are Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh with the Kuwaiti defence minister, Salem Sabah, beneath the newly-built Kuwait Towers, 1979..kenyit

Why Kuwait Towers ? soal
As the city became more modern and the buildings started to be taller there was a serious demand for a supplement of water that can cover all the buildings in the city and that required them to keep the water in a certain height with a certain pressurekenyit, so Kuwait Towers was the solution.celebrate

The main tower is 187 m high and it has 2 spheresdiam one of them is for viewing which rises to 123 m above sea level and completes a full round turn every 30 minutespeace so you will be able to see all the city from that heightencem a restaurant is including inside it siulit has also a small shop for buying things about Kuwait kenyit

The middle tower is with one sphereو it is 147 m above sea level and it holds waterangel.

And finally the small tower is with no spheresencem,135 m and it is used for lighting and holds 4,500 cubic meters of waterfikir.

The concrete needle-shaped towers are white-painted most of the way up, and tipped with aluminum. The three balls, also constructed in reinforced concrete, are covered with 55,000 circular steel plates, painted in eight different colors.
Its location next to the Arabian Gulf made it one of the most places that attract people in Kuwait and when tourists or gusts come to Kuwait they have to visit Kuwait towers.. senyum

Never forget to mention that Kuwait towers were heavily damaged during the Iraqi invasion to Kuwaitsedih but they were re-built and re-opened after the liberation in 1991 peace

May God bless this countrylove

Kuwait Towers Website
KUNA (Arabic)
Some books

>Count on me.

24 Jan


like this song


>The Smurfs ! the lil cute creatures

23 Jan


Who love them ? I do love! they are one of my favorite cartoons since my childhood! I still enjoy watching them and searching for there seriessenyum.. so now what is the story behind those little blue creatures and how they were created ?fikir

Before talking u should know that they are not real and there characters were created by a human being

ٍٍSo now everything is clear !! Let’s smurf our journey !! I mean “start” celebrate

The first appear of the smurfs was in October 23, 1958 by
Pierre Culliford, a Belgium from Brussels.angel
He drew his series which called ‘Johan and Pirlouit’ , Johann and Pewit (English Names) and their attempts to recover the magic flute. On their journeys, they discover strange new creatures: The Smurfs! then the smurfs became so popular that they were given their own series.tepuktangan
The first Smurf figures appeared in 1965. There were three produced in the first year, the Normal Smurf, the Gold Smurf and the Convict Smurf.
In 1966 three more figures were produced , Spy Smurf, Angry Smurf and Drummer.And again in 1969 more 5 smurfs joined the family, The moon smurf one of the most successful characters that appeared in relation to the first Moon landing in that year. The other smurfs were Winter Smurf, Brainy Smurf, Guitar Smurf and everybodys favorite Papa Smurf.

In 1971, the first female smurf appeared and commonly known as Smurfette.

Smurfs have been produced every year since then and more smurfs were added except for 1988 and 1991.

In 1992, the creator passed away
sedih. However, his son Thierry Culliford is continuing to sculpt Smurfs. In the last few years there have been new smurfs including Anniversary smurf which released for the 50th anniversary of The Smurfs and the 80th anniversary of the birth of its creator.celebrate

You will find smurfs in every country and everybody know them, but the funny thing is that they have many names :) the orginal french name of the smurfs is Les Schtroumpfs. here are how the call them around the world ..encem

  • De Smurfen – Netherlands
  • Die Schlümpfe – Germany
  • Los Pitufos – Spain
  • I Puffi – Italy
  • Estrumpfe – Portugal
  • Smurferna – Sweden
  • Sumafu – Japan
  • Lan jing ling – China
  • Poland – Smerf

In the end of 2011, there will be a movie called The smurfs! waiting for it :)
take a look at the trailer and smurf ur life ^^

History of Smurfs babai

>Who is Marilyn Monroe ?

23 Jan


Everyone knows her but we don’t have a clear idea about her lifefikir, maybe because many of us specially mejelir born after her sudden death. So let’s see who is Marylin Monroe ?senyum

Her name is Norma Jeane Mortensonangel, She was born on June 1, 1926, in Los Angeles, California. She never knew her father, and her mother suffered from a severe physcological problems that made her unable to raise her daughter .hah

Growing up, Norma spent much of her life in foster care and in an orphanagexpasti. She wanted to escape from the dufficulties that faced her in the foster care putuscinte so she get married with her boyfriend Jimmy Dougherty in1942 who was a merchant marine.celebrate Dougherty was sent to the south Pacific with the military and by that time, Norma started to work in a Munition factory until she has been discovered by a photographer senyum

After being a successful model Norma dreamed to become a famous actressencem, she divorced from her husband when he return back in 1946 because she became more busy with her career and their life together was to the end hah. in the same year of her divorce she signed her first movie and by this she created a new look and a new name for herself, she dyed her hair with blond color and called herself “Marilyn Monroe” siul

Her small part in John Huston’s crime drama The Asphalt Jungle (1950) garnered her a lot of attention. after this movie she attended many auditions and her career started to be more bright .star

After a series of successful movies her last 2 movies Let’s Make Love (1960) and The Misfits (1961) appeared to be disappointed in the box officeputuscinte. and in the same time her personal life became worst.She had a string of unsuccessful marriages and relationships. soal

At the age of 36 years old, She was dropped from the unfinished movie “Something’s Got to Give”(1962) due to chronic lateness and drug dependency, her absenteeism caused delay after delay in production, resulting in her being fired from the production in June of that year.hah

It seemed to be the end of her career. She was eventually re-hired, but died on August 5, 1962, in LA at her home and they found an empty bottle of sleeping pills by her bedputuscinte. There has been some speculation over the years that she may have been murdered by mafia because she knew information that can destroy important persons due to her wide relationships, but it was officially ruled as a drug overdose.fikir

On June 1, 1995, Marilyn was featured on a 32¢ US commemorative postage stampsenyum.

Here are some of her Quotes angel

“Dreaming about being an actress, is more exciting then being one. ~Marylin Monroe

I am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful. ~Marylin Monroe

I have feelings too. I am still human. All I want is to be loved, for myself and for my talent. ~Marylin Monroe

So by now u know who is Marylin Monroe !

The reason why I wrote this post? is because I love this song love Byebyebabai

Biography Marilyn Monroe
IMDb Marilyn Monroe
IMDb Something’s Got to Give

>Berries world.. yummy world!

21 Jan


Hello :)
Long time since my last post huh! I Know but I am back again :D

Berries are my fav fruits ..! dunno why but I like all types of berries specially when I order from pinkberry I prefer to choose berries instead of chocolate or other friuts :) so today I decided to make a list of all the berries in the world :D not all of them but most of them, before that I thought that berries is only blackberry, rosberry and strawberry but I found that it is more than that !! … so lets see

In general, botanists (scientists who study plants) usually define Berries as fleshy fruits produced from a single ovary The seeds are usually embedded in the flesh of the ovary. A plant that bears berries is said to be bacciferous, and a berry-like fruit is said to be baccate.

There are several types of berries with different sizes and colors (some we may have never even heard of) here are the groups:

Group 1 : Edible Berries











Acai Berries

Goji Berries

Sea-buckthorn Berries



Group 2 : Poisonous Berries




Doll’s Eyes

Jerusalem Cherry

I didnt know that tomato is a kind of berries ! honestly I don’t really like all types of berries and I cant add tomato to my pinkberry frozen yogurt coz I don’t like TOMATO ;p

So now, did choose ur favorite Berry ? :D

Source and for more detalis click HERE