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Al- Tijari Bank ads

28 Feb
I loved how Al- Tijari bank in Kuwait made these ads that show the true love to Kuwait from people lived on this land for many years. So CREATIVE & AMAZING, I loved them once I saw them on TV, they have to make more ads like these with different people from different nationalities. not only for February but for all the year senyum 

Thank you CBK for creating ads like these, watching them give a nice feeling love


Best & Worst Dressed Oscars 2011

28 Feb


I picked some dresses from the Oscar red carpet, keep in mind that some dresses was a disaster like this one jelir
lets see more ! love 

Not too good not too badfikir

Dunno I feel this dress and the previous one are similar in some ways, but I like this morelove

The design is cool but maybe the sparkle fabric ruined it kenyit

Simple but not Wowsiul

Nice but needs some accessories angel

I like the upper part of it more than the lower part ! besides that, the color is cool celebrate

Simple, elegant and awesome and I feel that the color is good for this design, LOVE IT love

So nice I love this one too love

Well, I don’t like this type of dresses but it is good for her age. like a lil princess senyum

This color is not good for her soal

Simply, AWFUL, I will not buy this dress even for 1 $ hah

Although they consider it as one of the worst dresses, but I dunno I liked it once I saw itsiul

The Oscars Winners 2011

28 Feb


Those are the winners for the Academy Awards

Best picture, Direction (Director Tom Hooper) & Writing (original screenplay) : The King’s Speech
Actor in a leading role : Colin Firth in “The King’s speech”
Actor in supporting role: Cristian Bale in “The Fighter”

Actress in a leading role : Natalie Portman in “Black swan”
Actress in a supporting role: Melissa Leo in ” The fighter”
Animated feature film: Toy Story 3
Art Direction & Costume Design : Alice in Wonderland
Cenimatography , visual effects , sound editing and sound mixing: Inception
Film editing & Writing(adapted screenplay) : The social network
Music (original score): “Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross” from the social network

Music ( original song) : “We Belong Together” in “Toy Story 3”

Short Film (animated)

Short film (live action)


Animation from the last century

27 Feb


I found this collection of American animation that created in the early 1900s and it is considered as the origins of the American animation, I think it is nice to see the past and compare it with where we are now senyum 

The first short movie is for its creator and producer Blackton, he used his hands only to create all this in 1906, that was in the United States. The name of the movie is “

[Humorous phases of funny faces]


Funny I like it sengihnampakgigi

The second video animation talks about Men styles, created in 1915.

[Men’s styles]


Last video animation is about a lil boy , it was created in 1919.

[Dud leaves home]


If u want to watch more American old animation visit the library of Congress website or Library of Congress youtube channel



Kuwait celebrations

27 Feb

Kuwait is celebrating its National and liberation daycelebrate, all the streets, houses and buildings are decorated with Kuwait flags and Amir pictures, all people are out in the street celebrating the 50th National day, The 20th liberation day and 5th anniversary of H.H the Amir for the assumption of the leadership of the state of Kuwait senyum.

There was a nice event in Feb,25th next to Kuwait towers, as I know that people who read my blog are not just from Kuwait so I decided to share this show with the world to show them this lovely country love

The show including firworks and a laser show on Kuwait towers. Enjoy !!
If want to know about Kuwait towers please visit my post about them HERE rindu



How the world used to transport before 100 years

27 Feb


As we all know, transportation is a very important thing now a days and in the past toofikir today I bring some photographs from different parts from the world on how they used to transport in the 1890s senyum 

In Egypt

In Japan

In Russia

In Sri-Lanka

In Australia

In China

Source: Library of Congress

Songs of the day

14 Feb



Last song is Here