Can the animals recognize their reflection in a mirror ?

12 Feb


Animals usually deal with their reflection in a mirror as another individual, but in certain cases the degree of intelligence can control this phenomena.siul 

Scientists said that some animals like dolphines and higher monkeys are able to recognize themselves based on a test they call it “the mirror test”, in this test they make a certian mark on the animal who is under invistigation then they let him see the reflection on the mirror. Elephants, champs and Dolphins showed a positive results and they were able to recognize the image while other animals like Gorella didn’t pass the test !fikir

Scientists add that the ability to recognize self increase with animals that spend most time with humansencem, and as the size of their brain increase they will be more able to recognize the imageangel.

It is nice to add that the human baby is not abble to recognize himself in the mirror until 18 months after the birthsenyum.

source : The scientific arabi magazine (Feb,2011)
more information in wikipedia


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