“Waka waka” is banned in Madrid

1 Apr

Shakira’s love story with Gerard Pique a main player in Barcelona banned her song from playing in  Santiago Bernabe Stadium as the relationship between Barcelona and real Madrid fans is getting worst .

The problem is that Shakira once said that she is a big fan of real Madrid, therefore, the president of Real Madrid at that time gave her a Madrid uniform with number 5 .

Fans of Real Madrid are so mad because she chose a player from Barcelona not Real Madrid and they don’t want to listen to her song ” waka waka” in the stadium any more as they used to play this song before every match 😀

Ok I am not a soccer fan and I don’t know much about Madrid or Barcelona but it is a stupid thing to banned the song just because her boy friend is from Barcelona team :/

Com’on ppl it is a nice song enjoy ur life and skip soccer :p



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