So u wanna know about me huh?
Then I have to talk about myself lil bit, am I ?
OKAY, am “Immortalita” a mixed blood girl living  in Kuwait and I am an undergraduate student, I study Molecular biology and biochemistry, simply a project of a future scientist -I hope- ^^

What else ? emmm.. yeah, my favorite color is pink and my favorite drink is Orange juice! I love Italian and Mexican food ..

I have a huge library of books I like buying books so much but I don’t have enough time to read ’em all .
I love learning new languages specially (Italian, Japanese, Hebrew) and new things like (Designing, drawing, cooking…etc).
I Love people “good ppl” and trying hard to be perfect, nobody really can be perfect in everything but I am still trying to be perfect in things that I really like, I love the quote that says that ” There is nobody perfect, and because I am nobody, I am perfect!!  ”

I love Japan and anything related to it , and I want to visit it one day..

Well, seriously I have a new hobby everyday and I change my mind quickly regarding to my hobbies LOL
What I hate ? emm let’s see , I hate people who are selfish and just love themselves, and people who wear a beautiful masks to show u how kind they are but the truth is that they are evils from inside. I also hate racism and social or religious intolerance in their all forms ..
“Human being can make mistakes, If u see any, tell me please, cuz I can say sorry 🙂 “

this is simply me ..

Bye bye ^^

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