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Young Chefs academy in Kuwait

27 Apr

64421Now, There’s a cooking school for kids in Kuwait !

Young Chefs Academy, is a cooking school lunched in Discovery Mall – Kuwait and it provides cooking lessons for kids.

I like the idea so much and it is good experience for kids specially young girls they will learn a lot ^_^

The above picture is from their branch in the states i guess, but seriously when I saw the pictures, I wished if I am a kid to join them πŸ˜€

for more details you can check their Facebook Page or Website and let the Fun starts !


>7 minutes fake pizza

16 Oct


Today I made this fake pizza jelir
It is easy, quick and u don’t need to go to the supermarket to buy for it
u will need:

1) Toast
2) Lettuce
3) Sliced Olive
4) Cheese Slides (the one u use it with the burger sandwiches)
5) Sausage (chicken or beef)
6) Catchup & Mayonnaise.
7) Microwave & Toaster

How to make it ?
First u have to put the toast in the toaster for awhile ( we don’t want the toast to be so soft) so I do this step..
Then u take the sausage ( I prefer chicken) and slice them vertically as shown in the image
Add the lettuce then the sausage on the toast as shown bellow.. add the catchup and the mayonnaise between the lettuce and the sausage, but honestly I didn’t add them to reduce the calories jelir
Then add the cheese slide ( u can use mozzarella or cheddar instead )
Then add some olives (green or black) as u like :D
Put it in the microwave until the cheese melt. and finally will be as bellow :D
Another way ?! If the toast pieces are too large u can cut it into four pieces
Then add all things as we just mentioned
Cut the Cheese slide into 4 pieces and add olives
To the Microwave :D

I hope u enjoy my dish babai

>Mini Chocolate cake ..

6 Aug


Hi πŸ˜€
My day was so boring, so I decided to make a mini chocolate cake..
I am not good at cooking so much but I always try to make some sweets and similar stuff
This is what I made today
I covered them with a chocolate souce to make them looking better, the taste was so nice!!

It is easy and it will not take more than 20 minutes

You need:
1) 3 eggs
2) Vanilla
3) Baking powder
4) 1 cup of skimmed milk (you can add water instead)
5)1/4 cup of oil
6)Pillsbury chocolate cake backet
(You will find it in any jam3eya or supermarket and it looks similar to this:)

I mixed all those things together

And then I used this machine for baking the cake it is easy and quick the cake will be ready within 3 minutes πŸ˜€

If u dun have it u can use the oven
finally u can add chocolate syrup or cream or any thing u want as a final touch
Hope u like it ^^