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Who is Kate Middleton ?

28 Apr

Tommorow is the big day! yes it is for Kate Middleton and Prince William. all the eyes will be towards great Britian to watch the phenomenal wedding of the prince and the princess.

But who is kate Middleton and how did she met the prince ?

Kate miidleton- January,9th,1982 – England.
Kate spent two years of her life in Jordan as her father was working there in the British airways.

In the right: Kate as a child with her father and sister in Jarash-Jordan

In the left: Kate with her parents.


Prince william and Kate met while both were studying art history at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. And they became closer when they share housing with other students.

It was like this before 30 years..

How it will be tommorow ? 😀


>The Town of ghosts

2 Nov


It is really weird that these huge buildings are empty because ppl are afraid of paying more.

The question is did the companies that built all this think about that ;/

>Deer & Dear Accessories

1 Nov


I Love Deer & Dear so much ^^
I was reading their news and I found that they started to make accessories !!

I like them, I think I have to order for me since I am an accessories fan^^
you can choose the color or whether u want it golden or silver .. etc
I found them in this nice website EZGRT.NET

>Join RUNQ8

23 Oct


Running can suppurt vision and improve eye health in kuwait .
This is the aim of RUNQ8 a race which is 10 km organized by FSRI and Agility to support Kuwait university’s Comunity Eye Health initiative, Vision 2020 under the patronage of Minister of Health.

The race will be held on November 6th,2010 at 9:00 am from the Scientific center to Al Corniche Club and back..

Registration started , u can visit or contact FSRI in Salmiya (Tel: 25720338) and the fees will be 5 KD..

there are also lectures and othe stuff about fitness

For more details visit the following

I think it is a great idea to join them, for sure am gonna be there

>Happy Columbus Day !

13 Oct


Yesterday, Oct 12th was a celebration of Columbus day ..celebrate
I read some information about this day so I want to share with u someangel
What is Columbus day ?fikir
It is the anniversary of the arrival of Christopher Columbus to The new world (America) on October 12, 1492, many countries celebrate this day and consider it as an official holiday others as unofficial day, including the Latin America, in latin America and some latino communities in USA they call it Día de la Raza (Day of the Race).

In NY city, USA, the first Columbus Day celebration was held in 1792 – the city celebrated the 300th anniversary of the landing.
During this day, most schools hold porgrams about it, Columbus Day has evolved into a celebration of Italian-American heritage. Local groups host parades and street fairs featuring colorful costumes, music and Italian food. also activities include traditional dance and lessons about Native American culture.
Here are some pictures from the celebration day…

Columbus Day Filming in Echo Park

Columbus Day parade nyc 2010

Columbus Day parade nyc 2010

NYC Columbus Day 2007 - Golden Lions Marching Band

NYC Columbus Day 2007 - Golden Lions Marching Band

Columbus Day Parade Shot

For more details:

Photos: Flicker (click the pictures)


>Dancing in the sky

5 Oct


The Philippine airways started a new thing to attract the passengers’ attention to the safety instructions inside the plan , they are presenting the instructions by dancing on Lady Gaga and Katty berry Songs , I think it is sooooo much fun xD
Take a look at this video

They are just awesome
Wanna give it a try and fly with them? for me, yeeeaah I want xD

>Happy Eid !

8 Sep


The TV announced before few hours that “Eid Al fitr” will be in Friday for my region so I wish u happy Eid or “Eid Mubarak” xD
For those who don’t know what is “Eid”. u can check Wikipedia HERE ^^
I decided to collect some pics about Eid around the world I hope u will enjoy them..

Here are more pics about Eid in Flicker, I like them, ENJOY