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>Mini Chocolate cake ..

6 Aug


Hi 😀
My day was so boring, so I decided to make a mini chocolate cake..
I am not good at cooking so much but I always try to make some sweets and similar stuff
This is what I made today
I covered them with a chocolate souce to make them looking better, the taste was so nice!!

It is easy and it will not take more than 20 minutes

You need:
1) 3 eggs
2) Vanilla
3) Baking powder
4) 1 cup of skimmed milk (you can add water instead)
5)1/4 cup of oil
6)Pillsbury chocolate cake backet
(You will find it in any jam3eya or supermarket and it looks similar to this:)

I mixed all those things together

And then I used this machine for baking the cake it is easy and quick the cake will be ready within 3 minutes 😀

If u dun have it u can use the oven
finally u can add chocolate syrup or cream or any thing u want as a final touch
Hope u like it ^^


>20 years since Iraqi invasion

5 Aug


I know it is not August the 2nd, but like this moment before 20 years, Kuwait was crying, it wanted to become free again, the pearl of the gulf as ppl used to call it.

Nobody can forget the ppl who died for their country. The kid who was screaming because he can’t see ihs father anymore. The woman who was crying because she can’t see her son again.

Well, it is a History, History with alot of tragedy. But still it taught many Kuwaitis the value of Kuwait and how it is difficult to lose ur country in that horrible way.

The question now is, does the new generation know anything about that dark days ?
For me, my age was approximately 1 year and few months , so I don’t remember really what happened at all, but I learned more from my school and my family. But what about the younger generations?

Maybe someone will ask. why should we know that , it is something happened in the past. Well, it is simply because u are Kuwaiti and this is ur history u have to know it.

I remember once I read about Heroshima and Nagazaki the Japanese towns which destroyed completely by the American Atomic bomb before more than 50 years ago. it was really interesting to read about it . Am really embarrassed of how those Japanese minds think.
There is a memorial museum now in the same place that shows the young Japanese generations and to show the Tourists What happened. Many American Tourists visited the place and they admired the Japanese way of thinking about situations , people of Japan know that their country destroyed, they created this museum not to remember the bad things and cry but to remember that in that day they started a new beginning in building their country they cooporated to build it again better than before, and that’s what u gonna read when u finish ur tour in that museum. I feel that they have a positive way of thinking , that’s really amazing.

If u want to read more about this I recommend u this website

Finally, it is not a comparison between Kuwait and Japan but it is an example that shows u how it is important to learn about ur history ^^

God bless this Country