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>The rose

27 Oct


It is just awesome

>Join RUNQ8

23 Oct


Running can suppurt vision and improve eye health in kuwait .
This is the aim of RUNQ8 a race which is 10 km organized by FSRI and Agility to support Kuwait university’s Comunity Eye Health initiative, Vision 2020 under the patronage of Minister of Health.

The race will be held on November 6th,2010 at 9:00 am from the Scientific center to Al Corniche Club and back..

Registration started , u can visit or contact FSRI in Salmiya (Tel: 25720338) and the fees will be 5 KD..

there are also lectures and othe stuff about fitness

For more details visit the following

I think it is a great idea to join them, for sure am gonna be there

>Temporary tattoos are back!

23 Oct


Less pain, easy, fast and more convenient, those are the TEMPORARY TATTOOS
I like them so much u can easily wash them off without suffering from the painful permanent tattoos. u can have different tattoo style each time u go out. the classical black ones are the best.

Body art is today’s biggest trend, u can see that many celebrities wearing them and most of make up artists try to add them to the models in order to get them a charming look.
You didn’t try them yet ? what are u waiting for angel


>The most things that I hate in Kuwat streets

18 Oct



Today am gonna tell u about the most things that I hate while driving in Kuwait
Some times those make me Sad nangih or even MADtension
Because simply we shouldn’t see these things in the 21st century senyum

So let’s start !

1- Pollution

I HATE the view of the black smoke when it goes out from a bus or an old car !! specially when there is a traffic, it is so annoying and disgusting, I am wandering why they are sad because the weather is gettin’ hot year after year!!, it is from u ppl !! from what u did and do everyday to the environment, these smokes go to the sky and it affect the OZONE layer, the hole is getting wider and wider in that layer and more harmful radiations are coming from the sun causing many diseases to us like skin cancers, this layer protect us and u destroy it, u want us to diemarahand again u want the weather to be good huh ! “THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE “

2- Heavy vehicles and buses

Okay, I know that the street is not mine! but still it is unfair for a sport car, SUV, saloon or even a Truck to be between huge vehicles, and when ? in the traffic jamsputuscinte the problem is that the driver of that bus or vehicle think that he is the only one in the street!, he is the king and we have to accept that and let him do what he want, there is a specific hours when it is allowed for them to use the streets but I doubt that they stuck to the rules, what is happening is completely NOT ACCEPTED .. takbole

3-Running time.

I hate when I am driving in the highway or a ring road and SUDDENLY !! some thing is running and crossing the street hah ARE U CRAZY ! if yes then u need a shrink .. no comment..

4-Traffic staring

Okay the traffic is red, we are waiting the green light to move, but why r u looking left and right and stare ppl around u ?! impolite behavior


u r delivering ppl but u r killing others!putuscinte they are driving too fast, and stop saddenly to hunt some passengers, What about the other cars behind u ? btw I hate the colors of the cobs too, white and creamy color, where are we !!

6- Garbage

The most thing that doesn’t show any kind of civilization is throwing the garbage from the window of the car, that’s include cigarette, tissues or even coke bottles hah PLEASE DON’T DO THAT, at least throw ur garbage inside ur car siulbetter than showing the ppl that u don’t know about something called Driving Etiqette senyum


>7 minutes fake pizza

16 Oct


Today I made this fake pizza jelir
It is easy, quick and u don’t need to go to the supermarket to buy for it
u will need:

1) Toast
2) Lettuce
3) Sliced Olive
4) Cheese Slides (the one u use it with the burger sandwiches)
5) Sausage (chicken or beef)
6) Catchup & Mayonnaise.
7) Microwave & Toaster

How to make it ?
First u have to put the toast in the toaster for awhile ( we don’t want the toast to be so soft) so I do this step..
Then u take the sausage ( I prefer chicken) and slice them vertically as shown in the image
Add the lettuce then the sausage on the toast as shown bellow.. add the catchup and the mayonnaise between the lettuce and the sausage, but honestly I didn’t add them to reduce the calories jelir
Then add the cheese slide ( u can use mozzarella or cheddar instead )
Then add some olives (green or black) as u like :D
Put it in the microwave until the cheese melt. and finally will be as bellow :D
Another way ?! If the toast pieces are too large u can cut it into four pieces
Then add all things as we just mentioned
Cut the Cheese slide into 4 pieces and add olives
To the Microwave :D

I hope u enjoy my dish babai

>LOYAC ceremony

16 Oct


Before two days I went to LOYAC ceremonyencem, LOYAC is a non-profit organization for youth
Anyways there was a music performance from some loyac students and I record this video loveHis name is Hassan Karam, he is so talented and his choices are very smart “Mashallah”tepuktangan I enjoy listening to his music every time I go therecelebrate .. ENJOY
Sorry for the bad quality putuscinte


>My today’s food picks

15 Oct


Hello sengihnampakgigi
Those are some food picks I love them a lot xD
What is good or bad for diet !!

Fish Steak with cream, shrimps vegetables and mash potato from Ruby Tuesday,It was FANTASTIC !!love
Fish is good, vegetables, shrimps and lil mash potato will not be bad, but the problem is with that delicious white cream, not good at all for DIET sedih

Pinkberry yogurt with all types of berrieskenyit I don’t like to add chocolatetakbole , fruits is better !peace

Strawberry and cream drink from Starbucks
It is new and I give it
starstarstarstarstar 5 stars sengihnampakgigi it is not too sweet nor too sour, its taste is similar to the taste of strawberry ice cream, plus it has less calories ( I think) than the caramel drink that I love siulit’s better to not add cream but I am in love with cream putuscinte

well, that’s for today, wait my next food picks later